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6 Hours in Essaouira, Morocco

For those who don’t know, Aaron and I just returned from a 2 week anniversary trip to Morocco! Our bodies are feelin’ it and I woke up 4 times the first night back wondering whose bed I was in. Not to mention waking up at 3 o’clock in the morning for a pancake breakfast.

I don’t know how to document all that we experienced in Morocco without writing a novel, so I’ll start with a quick recap of the day trip we took to Essaouira; one of the most relaxing! After a few days of journeying through the Sahara we were excited to experience a change of scenery and something that felt closer to home.

Essaouira is a gorgeous port town residing along the Atlantic ocean. Our introduction to the blue and white city began with a walking tour along the fishing docks and a brief explanation of life as a fisherman- Aaron’s dream come true.


We spent an hour walking through the city center, admiring the gorgeous artwork, and pricing items at the local market. After experiencing the intense Medina in Marrakesh the day before, we were happy to find laid back store owners who didn’t haggle or push us into buying stuff we didn’t need.

In all of the Moroccan cities we visited we ran into a ton of cute baby animals! We even experienced a goat giving birth! But this cute little kitty with giant Aaron took the cake!

After admiring the city’s art and gorgeous architecture, we walked through the local fish market. It reminded us both of the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle.

Aaron and I stopped for lunch at a seaside cafe called Taros; located between the boardwalk and souks. The seafood was fresh and the views were spectacular! We shared a crab and avocado salad then both ordered clam pasta, the daily special. To our surprise we had to de-clam all of the clams ourselves! I was finished eating before Aaron got half way through his de-clamming process. He likes to think they gave him more 😉

We waited until Essaouira to get our shopping in, as we were told by our tour guide that it would be the cheapest, so after lunch we spent a good majority of our time walking through the souks looking for souvenirs. We got scarves, sandals, and friendship bracelets. I know, we’re adorable.

Even though we’re not beach people we enjoyed walking along the water and soaking in the salty air. The temperature was a perfect mid 60’s and our Alaska bodies enjoyed the cool breeze. Although all of Morocco was incredible, Essaouira was probably my favorite! If you’re into environments that are more laid back, I would certainly recommend Essaouira as a weekend getaway destination!




Waking Up in Vegas

A couple of colleagues and I traveled to Las Vegas this week for a much needed (it’s been in the negatives here in Alaska) work conference! We were happy to learn from and coordinate with other organizations from throughout the nation putting youth court, peer court, and teen court diversion programs together. The conference discussion didn’t deviate far from what we had already heard in Cape Cod a couple of months ago, but we appreciated the opportunity to network and meet some incredibly influential people.

I couldn’t have asked for two better colleagues to spend the trip with! Venus and Wes are like family- protecting me from drug dealers while walking 5 miles from Freemont to the strip, telling me to relax when I yell at roller coaster workers for making me put my cell phone away, and listening to me complain about my shoes hurting my feet. (Love you guys!)

The night of Day 2, Aaron arrived! Days 3 and 4 included watching Cirque Du Soleil’s “O” at the Bellagio, oogling over sharks and jellyfish at the Mandalay Bay Aquarium, and eating at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant with one of Aaron’s college roommate’s family and friend. Even though the food was real expensive, the views of the city at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant were gorgeous!


Vegas was Aaron and I’s first trip together after we graduated almost 4 years ago (where did the time go?!), so the city of sin holds a special place in our hearts! Always so happy when he get to join me on workation.


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