Christmas Photos Part II and Life Updates

In case you’re not annoyed with our faces yet, here are some of the rest of our Christmas photos. These ones were taken around Turnagain Arm- a quick 10 minute drive from our home. Again, the day was cold, but we had fun snuggling up.

And! Here are some updates about our lives in the new year:

  1. We just returned from the east coast and had the best family holiday ever! We ate tons of food, had lots of laughs, held lots of babies, danced at an Irish Pub, watched Ohio State lose, got lots of little treasures from Aaron’s Grandma, and saw The Transiberian Orchestra!
  2. Aaron has Saturday, Sunday off this year! Woohoo! That means he gets to hang out with me eveeeeen more and we get to adventure around together for the remainder of the winter!
  3. I started taking spin classes over at Anchorage Cycle & Yoga and they are killer. 
  4. Aaron is still playing hockey on his work league and most games I’m there to cheer him on.
  5. I’m still trying to navigate the world of being a Young Women’s leader.
  6. Aaron still loves his job.
  7. I still love my job. But am in the process of getting a real estate license as a fun side hustle.
  8. In two weeks I have another work conference… in Vegas. Guess who’s coming with me?!
  9. A week after Vegas Aaron and I will be leaving for our annual romantic anniversary celebration in a place far, far, far, far away. I’ll leave you guessing.


  1. Brittney | 12th Jan 17

    Love the pictures and the 2017 update! Thats way cool you’re getting a real estate license! I was scerectly hoping that one of the updates would be you’re pregnant!! 🙂

    • Kortnee | 12th Jan 17

      Girl I know. -_- One day. I feel like I almost had Aaron with Kinsley but then we got home and no dice. I’m still shooting for getting the ball rolling in November of this year haha.

  2. Jen | 12th Jan 17

    Your unending love brings me such joy❤

    • Kortnee | 12th Jan 17

      You’re too sweet ? We’ll have to visit next time we’re in NY!

  3. Brittney | 12th Jan 17

    I thought for sure too! Maybe my comments didn’t helpn too much! Sorry! Good luck with November though 🙂

    • Kortnee | 12th Jan 17

      No no no! It was great. We don’t want to hear the fake “everything is perfect” all the time stories. I’ll be asking you for more advice for sure!

  4. Courtney | 13th Jan 17

    I love the affection you & Aaron have for each other. It’s so evident in these photo’s. Goals!

    • Kortnee | 14th Jan 17

      Awww,thanks Courtney!!!

  5. Barbara | 14th Jan 17

    You are so cute together! Wish you lots of love <3 🙂

    • Kortnee | 14th Jan 17

      Thank you! Same to you!

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