A Day At The Butchart Gardens | Victoria, British Columbia


Our weekend getaway to Victoria, BC would not have been complete without visiting The Butchart Gardens! Of all the things we packed into 3 short days, the gardens were by far our favorite attraction. The gardens reside in Brentwood Bay, a gorgeous 30 minute drive from downtown Victoria and cost $32.10/person during the summer months.

In 1904, Robert and Jennie Butchart established their home near a quarry and cement plant, developed by Mr. Butchart.

“As Mr. Butchart exhausted limestone deposits, his enterprising wife Jennie, made plans to create something of beauty in the gigantic exhausted pit. From farmland nearby, she had tonnes of top soil brought in by horse and cart and used it to line the floor of the abandoned quarry. Little by little, the quarry blossomed into the spectacular Sunken Garden.”

Now, visitors can also enjoy the Japanese Garden, Italian Garden, fountains, and fine dining in between!


The Sunken Gardens are everyone’s favorite and a true sight to be hold!




Who doesn’t love the merry-go-round? Even though we got crazy looks from (boring) parents we enjoyed re-living our childhood. I think it was between $2 and $4/person and they have a popcorn cart right outside!

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The gardens are open year round and floral displays tend to mirror the season. Over the summer, Saturdays are extended for fireworks and music on the lawn!

I just so happened to book our tickets on the last Saturday of the summer season! So we had a magical time enjoying the “Cool Surfin’ Sounds” on the lawn and cuddling up as we watched the fireworks display!

There are multiple options for dining at The Butchart Gardens and we thought they were all pretty expensive, but I had to book the picnic basket dinner because when do you actually get to eat out of a picnic basket when picnicking? The picnic baskets were around $35.00/person and required a reservation before hand because of first-come-first-serve stipulations. The food was fancy and fresh, as they use vegetables straight from the garden!


Other dining options include:

The Dining Room– The Dining Room offers options for afternoon tea or high tea depending on the season and has been named one of the top 100 outdoor dining places in Canada. Lunch or dinner reservations can be made.

The Blue Poppy Restaurant– The Blue Poppy Restaurant is a little more chill and resides in a beautiful conservatory. Lunch, dinner, and Christmas dinner options are provided depending on the season.

The Coffee Shop– Ice cream, coffee, muffins, etc. can be found at the coffee shop and other small vendors throughout the gardens.

Gourmet Picnics– I already told you about this. Totally worth it! Reservations can be made through the dining room.




I would love to experience  the gardens in the fall or winter months (falls in Ohio are my favorite), but we were pretty impressed with all of the activities on Summer Saturdays and couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day!

What’s your favorite season?


  1. Jillian Michelle | 1st Oct 16

    Super pretty! And I love how cute the architecture is! <3

    • Kortnee | 2nd Oct 16

      It was beautiful! You’ll have to make a trip if you haven’t already!

  2. Susanna Kelly | 2nd Oct 16

    What lovely photos!! I went here a few years ago and just loved it. This took me back. Thanks for sharing.

    • Kortnee | 2nd Oct 16

      Thanks for viewing! Definitely hope to go back in the future!

  3. Christina | 2nd Oct 16

    This is amazing! I went to the Gardens last year around Christmas, when it was dark and they had all of the Christmas lights up. Looks like a totally different place in the daytime, and so beautiful!

    • Kortnee | 2nd Oct 16

      Amazing! I would love to go back during Christmas or around fall to see the different colors!

  4. Julie Cao | 5th Oct 16

    The flora are gorgeous in summer, and I can tell they are fertilized by the top soil as some of them looks so huge. You guys look so happy at the Merry-go-around, I totally agree that sometimes it is good to be back to be a kid. Picnic from the picnic basket under the summer light sounds gorgeous. Would love to visit the Butchart Gardens in Victoria someday!

    • Kortnee | 5th Oct 16

      It was gorgeous! Victoria’s nice because I’ve heard the weather is always near perfect. You’ll definitely have to make a trip!

  5. Brian | 5th Oct 16

    “Garden” is a Pearl Jam song. That’s great how you are living in Alaska. That’s the only United State I haven’t been to yet. I mention that because I would live to drive to BC to AK!

  6. sabrina | 5th Oct 16

    Oh my goodness How gorgeous! Thanks for sharing all these amazing pictures!

  7. Kris | 6th Oct 16

    Wow! You got a lot of beautiful pictures, I must say. The place is totally georgeous and you have captured the beauty in it. I hope we have one like this here in the Philippines. 🙂

    • Kortnee | 6th Oct 16

      I bet the Philippines is gorgeous in and of itself! Would love to visit some day!

  8. Kris | 6th Oct 16

    The pictures are very pretty! I’m sure you had a great time checking out tha place. I’d love to try the gourmet picnics, looks like a lot of fun..plus the carrousel experience. 🙂

  9. kathy (from walkaboutwanderer.com) | 6th Oct 16

    Wow the flowers are so colourful and your photos really capture this. Massive thumbs up for going on the merri-go-round. A blast frm my childhood. It looks like a wonderful place. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  10. Vyjay | 6th Oct 16

    The gardens are so beautiful and the flowers look really magical. What a beautiful green world the garden is. and nice to know that there are some rides too which would keep the kids engafed.

    • Kortnee | 7th Oct 16

      Absolutely! Was very family friendly!

  11. Arnav @ Eat, Travel, Live and REPEAT | 24th Oct 16

    Looks like such a nice place to enjoy on a relaxing holiday.The flowers look absolutely lovely in their full bloom.

  12. Liana | 25th Oct 16

    The gardens are so beautiful and I’ve always been in love with gardens and how they are arrange. It’s nice to see you had such a great time and experience. I love this guide and how you’re sharing your time around visiting Victoria, BC!

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