Skydiving in Palmer, Alaska

Ahhh, 25… The age where your brain is fully developed and you can finally rent a car without being charged extra.

I couldn’t wait for August 13 to role around so I could celebrate being a quarter of a century!

Of course I had no idea what I wanted to do to celebrate (Dye my hair? Eat Taco Bell?), so I left the planning up to Aaron.

I should preface by saying that as much as I love to travel, I am deathly afraid of flying- and even more afraid of teeny tiny Alaskan planes that  look like they’ll explode if a bug hits the windshield. My sweet husband decided to comfort and support my fear by…

Planning a surprise skydiving trip!



After scoring a free breakfast meal from Denny’s, Aaron drove me an hour North of Anchorage for the big birthday surprise. I figured he’d take me hiking or drop me off in the middle of nowhere and never come back. Instead, we pulled into a parking lot with giant fields and tiny airplanes. “Oh no!”, I said. “I am NOT getting into one of those.


One of Aaron’s co-workers greeted us and asked if I knew what we were there for. I said no and he explained we would just fly around for a glacier tour. The company asked us to sign waivers- essentially relaying the message that you would be jumping at your own risk. I asked Aaron if we’d be jumping out of the airplane and he said, “No, that’s just standard procedure.”dsc02451

Eventually, everyone let me in on the running joke and I was a lot more relaxed than expected! The views were incredible!dsc02475dsc02477 dsc02485dsc02506dsc02520dsc02524 dsc02554dsc02560 dsc02571 dsc02574 dsc02586dsc02589dsc02608dsc02615 dsc02637dsc02640 dsc02645dsc02664dsc02685dsc02703dsc02756 dsc02757dsc02760 The jump was AMAZING! As soon as I hit the ground I was ready to go for another round. I would TOTALLY jump again! We have Alaska Skydive Center to thank for our incredible experience, views, photos, and video! If I can figure out how to upload the high quality video I will!dsc02767

What did you do for your 25th birthday?


  1. V Donovan | 26th Sep 16

    I can’t decide if I want to go skydiving or not. Seeing posts like this make me totally want to but I feel like once I get up there I’ll have a lot of regrets and worries. Who knows, maybe that’s what I’ll do for my 25th…

    • Kortnee | 26th Sep 16

      I’m afraid of flying and ended up loving it!! You should do it!!! A total adrenaline rush!

  2. Ali | 5th Dec 16

    This is so cool! The pictures are amazing, glad you enjoyed.

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