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Daily Archives: September 10, 2016

Halibut Fishing | Homer, Alaska

Seafood is my thing! My person! My unicorn! Name that t.v. show. Did anyone else watch the Bachelorette this season?

I was born in Florida so I like to think that meant I grew up eating seafood. Now that I live in Alaska I’m super-duper spoiled and get to catch my own fresh fish whenever I’d like!

Aaron’s wanted to experience a halibut charter for a while, so a few months ago I used our Northern Lights coupon book to book a trip through Ninilchik Charters. With the coupon, the charter ended up costing $364.43 for two people. Without a coupon, NC advertises its all-day charters at costs between $235 and $350 per person. I think we got a good discount?

IMG_4482IMG_4456IMG_4483 IMG_4487For me, the best part of the trip was catching all of the dog fish! They’re supposed to be annoying- because they get in the way of catching halibut- but the little sharks are too cool not to love.

IMG_4491 IMG_4500 IMG_4504

I ended up catching 2 halibut that were the exact same size! Aaron caught the biggest and smallest.

IMG_4514 IMG_4516 IMG_4517

The day was long and tough on our bodies. Realing in fish half your size is exhausting and got old for me real quick. A couple other ladies and I fell asleep for a good hour. I was happy to make the drive back to Anchorage that evening and even happier to use a bathroom cleaner than the one on the boat.

Homer is a good 5 hour drive from Anchorage and our charter started at 6:00 am, so we decided to stay at a B&B in Ninilchik. Meander Inn had good reviews  on TripAdvisor so Aaron booked and we stayed overnight.

IMG_4425 IMG_4435 IMG_4444IMG_4446  IMG_4452

Meander Inn was adorable- with gorgeous views and an amazing host! We wished we could have stayed longer. I would recommend a halibut charter to anyone who loves fishing and doesn’t have access to a boat. I don’t care for fishing so after catching my first halibut (2 hours in) I was ready to go home! Aaron felt we weren’t given a good opportunity to do any “real fishing”. Our charter guides set up our lines, hooked the bait, and told us when to reel. If that annoys you, find a friend with a boat or stop by the grocery store and pick up a pound of halibut for 20 bucks.


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