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Kayaking Portage Lake

I mentioned in Whittier | Portage Glacier Hike that I’ve hiked to Portage Glacier more than a few times. It’s beautiful, it’s great, it’s serene, yada yada, yada yada… But until yesterday, I had never kayaked to Portage Glacier!

13582174_10154385965341579_1498662014879918280_oDisclaimer: If you’ve never been to Whittier or don’t have access to a kayak, you should still pay $13 to get through the tunnel, drive around the tiny town, do the Portage Glacier hike, and eat some delicious crab cakes once you get back (We explain this to tourists all the time. It’s worth it!).  But… if you’ve been to Whittier more than a time or two or are looking for a great kayaking experience, kayaking to Portage Glacier is the better option!

“But Kortnee, why is it the better option?”

I’ll tell you!

  1. Kayaking is way more fun than hiking because it requires less effort (Don’t worry my fellow indolent(s), I got you). Am I right? We kayaked for close to 3 hours yesterday and the arm workout was no joke… but I certainly work less hard kayaking than I do hiking. Besides, who doesn’t love to be out on the water?
  2. The Portage Glacier hike takes you to the opposite side of Portage Lake, a good 500 yards from the glacier itself. By kayaking, you can get as up close and personal as  you’d like!
  3. The waterfalls are magnificent! On the Portage Glacier hike you can see waterfalls far far far far far off in the distance. By kayaking, you can get up close and personal, again!
  4. You don’t have to pay $13.00 and wait to go through the Whittier tunnel. As previously mentioned, if you haven’t already been to Whittier you should certainly take advantage of the opportunity, but if you’ve been there more times than you can count or would like to save your $13.00 for some Moose’s Tooth pizza, kayaking is the next best option.  Accessing the lake is super easy. After the first tunnel, before arriving to the Whittier tunnel, there’s a turnoff/rest area on the right hand side. It takes 2 minutes to walk down to the lake and load your boat into the water.
  5. It’s just better. It’s so freaking cool that I don’t even have any more reasons! Just do it!

This is me worried that the charter boat is going to run us over. 

13585013_10154385966181579_3140700456847293903_o 13603744_10154385966286579_8350881732718034608_o

Look at those falls!

13580618_10154385966806579_5397707155298035116_o  13584740_10154385963441579_1804794664503694609_o13580656_10154385962661579_1952303820101710978_o


My sweet hubby. I should mention that he too picks kayaking to Portage Glacier over hiking. If both of us agree that it’s a better experience, that’s saying somethin’!13584740_10154385964816579_4974401368440533738_o


Cinque Terre | Hiking from Vernazza to Monterosso

If you’re in Central Italy and can’t get to the Amalfi Coast, visiting Cinque Terre is a must! The buildings are beautiful, the water is clear, and the hiking is worth it!

Aaron and I try getting in a hike everywhere we go.  Not because we both love hiking, but because we both enjoy getting away from tourists and being out in nature.

Before beginning the hike we took a quick tour of the tiny town of Vernazza.


We ended up stopping at Lunch Box to load up on some carbs before our journey; one of Trip Advisor’s #1 good eats in Vernazza. The paninis did not dissapoint.

The hike from Vernazza to Monterosso took about  1 1/2 hours with beautiful views of the ocean and lemon trees! In order to access the hike, you have to pay 3.00 euro at an information booth just before the ascent.


On the descent you begin to see views of beautiful Monterosso. 1937434_10153416370756414_6744159581047349770_n

11149271_10153416370221414_910170046496876748_n 1549292_10153416369966414_9054156250710077079_nOnce we got to 11219669_10153416370031414_9166329609765460746_nMonterosso we ditched looking around the town and jumped right into the water. Unfortunately, we had some trouble relaxing-jelly fish were everywhere!

In Rome, we ran into another couple who said they made it to Cinque Terre the day before us, but it rained the whole time! We felt lucky to get perfect weather and beat the rain!


11252004_10153416365426414_2754230314299270796_n In all honesty, we didn’t find that there was a whole lot to do within the towns of Cinque Terre besides eating and shopping. So, if we hadn’t hiked, I don’t think we would have enjoyed ourselves as much!

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