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Daily Archives: June 14, 2016

Niagara Falls | Our Favorite Getaway

993023_10151779346691414_1974609289_n995834_10151779346671414_118670627_nAaron and I are East Coast people. He will not agree with me and swear he was born to live in Alaska. But, I know we were both born to live on the East Coast where everyone wears black, has an attitude, and walks like they’ve got somewhere to be (like me). I fit in there. It’s diverse there. And most importantly, our families live there.

Aaron grew up near Rochester, New York and I grew up near Columbus, Ohio. During our long-distance dating days we learned to frequent the trip (it takes me 5 hours to drive and Aaron 6.5 hours to drive) between NY and OH… IO! to spend time with one another’s families. We still do this, every time we get the chance to visit home, because I can’t leave the East without seeing my family and he can’t leave the East without seeing his.

But as great as it is to spend quality time with our loved ones, we’ve been known to make a secret pit stop in between our frequented (is that a word?) 6 hour journey. An incredible little pit stop to the beautiful Niagara Falls.

This is why you should make a pit stop too:

  1. It’s perfect for a day trip. The falls are easy to get to and even easier to walk around; a nice treat for us non-hikers. And if you’re thinking of walking the famous International Rainbow Bridge, it’s only  1/4 mile long.
  2. 5354_10151779346686414_1648908975_n1017389_10151779346681414_2042490728_nIf you’re into gambling (which I am not) the surrounding area has some good casinos. I hate gambling with a passion, so of course that means… Aaron loves to gamble! And he’s good at it. And I don’t mean good in a “cool, I made $20” kind of way, I mean good in a “cool, I made $3,000” kind of way! Don’t ask me how he does it because I refuse to play, watch, or be in the same vicinity as him while he plays, but he’s definitely one of those tournament/black card/secret lunch buffet kind of guys who winds up with a free hotel room and 20% off a spa package.
  3. It’s not overly crowded. Niagara Falls is a popular place, but it’s nothing like Disney World. When Aaron and I went in April of last year, we were always at least a block away from the nearest person. Quiet, peaceful, and serene. For an even less crowded experience, check out the falls from the NY side. You don’t get the panoramic view like you would in Ontario, but getting up close and personal with the water is equally serene.
  4. It’s beautiful. Obviously, right? But if you can’t make it to Victoria Falls in South Africa, Niagara Falls could be the next best thing.
  5. Fireworks are shot off in the Summer. I haven’t personally seen this, but Aaron wanted me to add it to the list because apparently it’s spectacular! If you’re interested in scheduling your trip around a show, you can check out the schedule here.

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