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Daily Archives: May 27, 2016

Kayaking Bear Glacier with Liquid Adventures

11058636_10153520080916414_4586668056783880283_n10153803_10153520080461414_4115752136080854182_nKayaking is one of the only “outdoorsy” things I’m really in to, so I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to kayak through one of Alaska’s most beautiful glaciers! Bear Glacier resides in Kenai Fjords National Park; a close 15 miles south of Seward, Alaska, but can only be accessed by boat or plane. I’m all about all-inclusive packages and without our own gear or a feasible way to get to the glacier, booking a tour was the best bet! Liquid Adventures ended up taking the cake and charged $299/person for a 5 hour tour.

Here’s what they do:

“We are an Alaskan Outfitter specializing in remote, but comfortable expedition style vacations. We offer professionally guided sea kayaking and stand-up paddleboard (SUP) trips based in the small coastal town of Seward, Alaska.”

The entire tour surpassed my expectations and takes one of the top spots on my most amazing things I’ve ever done list! Paddling through the lagoon was incredibly serene and there’s nothing more surreal than seeing a seal’s head pop out of the water as other kayaks glide by! The color of the glaciers was breathtaking and I loved being able to share the entire experience with my boo.


In order to get to the glacier, we took a 30 minute high-speed ride on a little red boat. While sailing through the water we spotted puffins, seals, and wales!





Our tour wouldn’t have been complete without a really great tour guide to make sure we were safe and had everything we needed! I don’t remember his name but I do remember that he was featured on National Geographic or something! On the way back we braved the cold and jumped in the water. I had a hole in my suit, so once we made it back to dry land I had to awkwardly ask Aaron for a  change of clothes and try to convince our tour group that I didn’t pee my pants.

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