A Quick Review of My First Time Traveling with a Tour Group

As outgoing and outspoken as I can be, I don’t really like people, so I’m still trying to figure out why I booked an international vacation with 20 people I still don’t really know. In honor of my husband and I’s milestone TWO year anniversary (they don’t even have hallmark cards for two year anniversaries because they’re so important), we (I) decided to book a much needed vacation to Peru!

During our time there, I learned that there are some really great things about travelling with a tour group:

  • You end up falling in love with the people you’re touring with because nobody else speaks English.
  • You get to take photos of cute couples like this. I promised them I wouldn’t post this photo to Facebook, but a blog seems like fair game. DSC_0615
  • You don’t have to wait in any lines.
  • If you’re like Aaron and I and know nothing/don’t care about historical sites, artifacts, landmarks, etc. booking a tour can be a great way to learn!


I also learned that there are some not really great things about travelling with a tour group:

  • If the travel group has booked flights for you, you may or may not be seated next to your spouse/friend/loyal travel companion for the duration of the flight (almost 6 whole hours!).
  • You have to wear  “name tag lanyards” everywhere you go. Aaron and I got into multiple arguments because I could not give up repeatedly asking him to remove his lanyard every time we took a pic. Who wants a photo of you and your spouse in front of Machu Picchu with  red lanyards around your neck hanging on your wall? Not me.
  • Our tour group did a great job of trying to accommodate group members of all ages and activity levels, and although having a fancy tour bus at our beck and call was nice, Aaron and I would have preferred walking around town to taking the bus everywhere we went.




Despite my disdain for large crowds and my hate/hate relationship with those red “name tag lanyards”, Aaron and I ended up meeting some pretty cool people and making some incredible memories! We’ve both agreed that if we decide to book a group tour again, it will be in a country where we literally have no idea how to get around. Like China.


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